Three dots and a dash

A few days back my husband found this place while browsing for more cocktail places to explore in Chicago: Three dots and a dash at 435 N Clark St. I called up this place for reservations and was stunned to know that they were booked all the way for next 3 months!!! This was my first experience to hear such a long wait for a not-too-fancy place. We were given an option of waiting at the bar just in case the few coveted non-reserved tables become available. We did go to this place only to find that like-minded hopefuls were already waiting in a long line near the entrance. Realizing it was not our day we turned back and went to another place nearby. In a couple of weeks we wanted to try again and this time we did manage to get in. As expected, the place was full with no tables available, we were fortunate to get two seats at the bar. Then the real fun started. The place had a really good decor of a beach bar. It is inspired by the Polynesian island culture with Hawaiian masks hanging on the walls and palm trees right in the middle of the room. The cocktails have interesting names. We began with Dr. Funkhouser and their signature cocktail called Three Dots and a Dash. The drinks were served in very cool looking containers that you have an option of buying as souvenirs. Suffice to say, the cocktails were deliciously strong and quite big too. Indeed, they came with a warning, ‘Drinks of impressive strength, please sip delicately’. Our drinks had distinct flavors I had not tasted before. There were several listed ingredients that were unknown to us. Half hazy with one drink down, we decided to order another round. Our next choice was Pearl Diver and Dead Reckoning (cool names right?). This round lived up to our raised expectations after downing the first one. We orders small plate of chips and guacamole at the bar. It tasted great too. Overall we were very pleased that we got a seat at the bar and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. We want to try the dinner with drinks next time, and for that I will make the reservations couple of months in advance!

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