Watershed at 601 N State St.

Since the weather has gotten warmer, my husband & I are on a cocktail-hunt in Chicago downtown. We have visited several places in the past few days and plan to continue doing so throughout the summer. We started our hunt with Watershed on 601 N State St. It turned out to be an awesome experience. The bar is in a basement of other cocktail/dinner place upstairs known as Pops. Although we later tried to get in Pops as well, it turned out to be a very busy place. Having said that, our first choice Watershed offered some great cocktails with unique flavors. The place is dimly lit with good music and has a few tables as well as couches and chairs. The ambience is semi-casual, relaxed and can seat just enough people to create liveliness without being noisy. I tried the cocktail Walk & Talk which had North Shore Gin, Lavender bitters and orange flower and my husband tried the Smoke along the track which consisted of Koval oat whiskey, orange blossom, angostura and grapefruit bitters. The cocktails came in maple brown fancy glass goblets with embossed design. The cocktails looked small in size but oh boy! were they strong!. The cocktails were perfect medley of flavor, taste and enough alcohol. Despite the mention of bitters as ingredients both cocktails were not bitter at all and had a refreshing taste without being sweet either. We also tried their appetizers, Grilled octopus with baked beans with bacon bits and honey glazed chicken wings. The food was delicious! The chicken was tender and perfectly cooked with savory sweet sauce and the beans below the grilled octopus were the best ones I have had. The service is quick and very good. Overall the place is quite underpriced for the kind of cocktails, food and service they offer in Chicago downtown. I would highly recommend this place for a casual drink or two after dinner.

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