Henri – 18 South Michigan Ave

My latest birthday dinner was at Henri. Stylish, simple and semi-casual are the words that come to mind when I think of the ambience. The place has a good location overlooking Millenium Park and it is not too hard to get reservations especially on a weekday for dinner. If you are driving it would be better to park at nearby deck since roadside parking will be hard to find due to its prime location. The staff is friendly and welcomed us. The cuisine is American with a strong French influence. The menu has just enough choices under each category. The wine and cocktail list is quite expansive. We ordered the standard Sauvignon Blanc. Among appetizers we were debating among Roasted Foie Gras, Escargot Bourgogne and Portuguese Sardine and chose the latter. The Sardines came as 4 crunchy pieces with tomato, arugula sprinkled over them. One onion ring was placed at the center of the plate with a green sauce (which didn’t taste like onion puree). The Sardines were delicious but felt like they got over too quickly. I then decided to explore more the sea creatures at Henri and ordered Arctic Char for Entree’. It came accompanied with a soft gelly-like potato cake, crispy foam and lightly seasoned sauce. With 5 pieces upside down (skin up) the fish was quite filling and definitely delicious with a delicate balance of flavors. The appetizer and Entree very well harmonized with the Sauvignon Blanc. For desserts, I was expecting small portions. But the Creme Brulee we ordered was medium portion. The custard in Creme Brulee was awesome although the sugar on the top could have been charred a little more to my liking. In total, 5 people were waiting our table including the main waiter. The total including 20% gratuity came to $170 for 2 people. Overall, the experience was great and I would highly recommend Henri at Michigan Ave for special occasions.

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